As Black Friday approaches, one of the best deals for gaming enthusiasts would be to pick up Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy at a discounted price. Now that it's been released, it's undoubtedly of high quality, though some fans were put off by its prerelease marketing and decided to wait on purchasing it until it went on sale. Now, gaming fans can pick Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy up for around $30 which means that more people than ever will be experiencing the story of how the Guardians saved the galaxy once again.

Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy is full of tough choices for the player to make, but not all of them have the same weight as others. Some simply result in dialogue changes while others alter the story in meaningful ways. Unfortunately, there's no way to tell which are which when playing through the game for the first time, so the choices listed below are some of the most important that players will have to make during their time as a member of the most dysfunctional supergroup navigating the cosmos.


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Selling Groot or Rocket

Marvel’s Guardians of The Galaxy rocket racoon groot decision choice chapter 3

Deciding which Guardian to sell to Lady Hellbender in the early hours of the game doesn't have major ramifications throughout the rest of the story, but it does greatly impact the way that the rest of Chapter 4 shakes out. If the player decides to sell Rocket, he'll get angry during the sale and shoot some of Hellbender's guards beginning a firefight that ends with the Guardians being locked inside Hellbender's vault. They'll be able to acquire roughly 12,000 units to pay off their fine, but end up fighting the same boss as if the player chose to sell Groot. Selling Groot results in the sale going smoothly and the Guardians making 15,000 units, but they'll have to do a stealth mission that night to break Groot out. Eventually, the Guardians will be caught and have to fight the Dweller in the Darkness all the same.

Distracting the Grand Unifier

guardians of the galaxy raker feature

In Chapter 8 of Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy, the Guardians need to distract Grand Unifier Raker while Rocket hacks a drone behind his back. Successfully distracting him involves keeping Raker talking, which will result in Rocket hacking the drone and calling the Milano to come pick the crew up. If players can't successfully distract the Unifier, Rocket will be caught and stopped and the Guardians will need to go find a way to call the ship during their escape. They also won't have a map of where they are, meaning that they'll have to guess and check which doors lead where during the rest of the chapter.

Convincing the World Mind

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy peter quill starlord chapter 9 dialogue choice

Despite their differences in the early hours of the game, the Nova Corps is one of the Guardians' greatest allies in the fight against the Church of Truth, which the team realizes during Chapter 9 when they decide to go make a case to the World Mind requesting aid. Convincing the World Mind requires the player to say the right things in conversation by sharing intel and putting the Nova Corps.' current plan in perspective. If convinced to join the cause, the World Mind will show up during Chapter 14 to obliterate enemy forces standing between the Guardians and their goal. This makes the chapter much easier than if they weren't convinced and serves as a great narrative moment of the Nova Corps setting aside its differences with the Guardians in the name of saving the Galaxy.

Saving Cosmo From the Promise

Cosmo is also one of the Guardians' best allies during the runtime of the game, meaning that saving him from the allure of the Promise should be a priority during Chapter 12. Help Cosmo by reminding him of his great life on Knowhere and he'll also come and save the Guardians during Chapter 14 by taking out even more tough enemies. If he isn't saved from the Promise, however, he'll not only be absent from the finale of the game making it much harder, but he'll also try and stop the Guardians from leaving Knowhere during Chapter 12 by putting them in a maze.

Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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guardians of the galaxy review
Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy Review

Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy features an emotional and hilarious story, immersive decisions, and combat that's exciting if a bit bloated.

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