BioMutant has been available for the PlayStation and Xbox consoles since the spring, but the game has largely flown under the radar. For those who were thinking about finally giving it a shot, there's a piece of good news as the title is being offered up in several retailers' Black Friday sales.

When it first launched back in May of 2021, BioMutant got some rather up and down reviews. The title is supposed to offer the ability of users to take on the role of a post-apocalyptic hero in the former of one animal or another, which can then be edited and upgraded with mutations. Despite that seemingly new and interesting approach, the game really never took off for a myriad of issues plaguing it. However, there's a chance now for deal seekers who are looking for a new game to play over the holidays, to give it another go without spending a ton of money.


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While BioMutant is being offered at deep discounts at several different retailers, those shopping for bargains on this title need to be careful. It's not on offer at every single one of the big retailers that usually have the best video game sales. However, when a retailer is offering a discount, it's an impressive sale price.


Best Buy and GameStop currently have the biggest Black Friday sales prices on BioMutant as they're both offering the game up for $19.99 on either the PlayStation or Xbox version. Target has joined the Black Friday fray as well, though it has currently priced the game for ten dollars more at $29.99 for both versions. Interestingly, Walmart doesn't currently have this title included in its Black Friday offerings.

When it comes to Amazon and its Black Friday sales offerings, there is a way to get a deeply discounted version of BioMutant, but it's not the regular console version of the game that's on offer. Instead, the online retailer has knocked a pretty massive amount off Atomic Edition, which means users can get the standard game, its soundtrack, a fabric Poster, the game's steelbook, a premium display box, an oversized mousepad, a branded t-shirt, and the BioMutant diorama for a pretty steep cut.


When talking about games that have their prices cut so severely like this, it's important to keep in mind that there are all kinds of sales hunters out there. Those looking to get this game for cheap should pounce whenever they can before the retailers are sold out.

BioMutant is now available for the PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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